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  • 19 Jun 12

  • Penz Mike


Zuzzle is a revolutionary new puzzle and logic-game for your Android smartphone.

It combines the fun and competing parts of many different games. The idea is easy, but are you able to clear the game-field even with the most difficult gamemode?

The game is perfect for short breaks or even longer time periods. It has a simple autosave
function so you can always exit/start the game without loosing your previous gamefield.

Functions of Zuzzle:

– Intuitiv UI
– It combines all new ICS-Stuff even for PRE-ICS devices
– Great user experience
– Different designs
– – Love black, or are you a lover of light themes? No problem!
– – The gamefield can be set to 13 different color-schemes
– Fast. The game was tested on older devices. It’s fast!
– Many different settings
– Many different gamemodes so it will never get boring
– – Tried all different gamemoes? You can create your own too!

There is much more, but find it out yourself!


I have played this for an hour now and man.. this is addicting!
At first it is a bit hard to see all possible combinations, but after you get into it, you suddenly see how many possibilities a certain board position can have. Constantly planning on how to fix your earlier mistakes at the top of the board. This will definitely keep me busy for a while! — by Sboulema


Numbers, Number game, Sudoku, Zuzzle, Game, Puzzle, Logic, Kakuro, Competing, Zahlen, Zahlenspiel, Spiel, Intelligenzspiel, Puzzles, Fesselnd, Drop7, Drop 7, Addicting

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