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“One Device, One Headset, One App connecting music-lovers.”

TwinPlay is a revolutionary new Audioplayer-System which allows you and someone else to listen to two different Songs or Playlists on the same iOS-Device with only one headset.

„[…] listen to two songs or playlists on the same iPhone or iPad, taking one earphone each.“ –

„Sharing headphones is great. As long as you share a taste in music. For those who don’t, there’s TwinPlay […]“ – Stuff Magazine (App of the Week)

„It’s simple! Take your iPhone / iPad and headphones and create different playlists!“ –

“This will change the way of enjoying music together.”

For example: You are sitting in the bus with your best friend and you want to listen to some music. But you don’t like his kind of music. If you use TwinPlay, you simply take one of the two earbuds, select your own Playlist for your side of the headset and he does the same on his side of the headset. É Voilá!

Enjoying music using only one device and headset has never been possible in that way before.


> Works on every iOS-Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
> Intuitive and Finger-Friendly Design
> Loading Songs directly from the iPod
> Create Playlists On-The-Fly
> Two fully functional Audioplayer (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Volume, Timeline)
> Separate Volume-sliders for both Players, single Volume-slider for Main-Volume
> Sharing-Mode*
> Slider for Next or Previous Song
> Shuffle and Repeat for both Players
> Background Audio compatible
> Keeps Playing while using other Apps in Front
> Set Main Player for remote control

This new feature lets you temporary play the song from one of the players on both headphones so you can listen to the same music together. Meanwhile the other player gets paused so you can continue listening where you stopped.
This feature also makes TwinPlay a fully-functional single-musicplayer.

TwinPlay is compatible with the Special audio split cable adapter from YUMATRON.

NOTE: For best Results use in-ear headphones instead of on-ear.

For further information and the download follow this link:

App Store Google Play Store

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