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The award-winning game Yatzy (Yacht, Kniffel, …) is now available as MegaYatzy for iPhone/Android.

Play MegaYatzy in the classic or new mode, MegaYatzy or forced mode. It will never get boring. There are up to 12 different playmode-combinations.

It’s the perfect game for a funny evening, a party, …

Come and lets dice your life!

Our main features are:

> Global Leaderboards (SWARM)
> Hard/Easy game mode (In hard mode you can’t unlock fixed dice)
> Classic/New game mode
> MegaYatzy with 4 extra fields (only with 6 dice available)
> Up to 12 game mode combinations
> 5 or 6 Dice
> Play in teams
> Save started games, and continue them as soon as you like
> Previous player names are saved, so you can easy start a new game
> Play against your friends or the computer
> Shake2Dice
> Animations
> Easy and simple User interface
> Complete redesigned UI
> Top 25 scores are saved for each game mode
> Multilanguage (German, English)


– SWARM „MegaYatzy provides a handful of new twists…“ http://blog.swarmconnect.com/2012/01/megayatzys-mega-update.html

– MegaYatzy (Yatzy HD) is a great game. I can spend several hours on it. The game has a lot of good graphics.
The game is easy and user friendly. You get the option to select so the game suits your needs.
The best part of it is that Tundem Media Group is listening to you. It’s great that there is a response from them if you have a wish.
Well done. (by Gert)

For further information and the download follow this link:

App Store Google Play Store


  1. I downloaded this yatzy game for a Price, the reason for ny thoise of this game because you can play Whit friends but you cant, i dont have this Swarm.. What to do now.
    Reguards Catharina Kjellerup

    • Author

      You can play on the same device with as many friends as you want. Due to the nature of Android, and the less sold copies we are not able to create a real online-multiplayer option, because there’s no money for extra servers. It is planned to add this feature in the future, but for now we are sorry.

      Do you want us to refund your order?

  2. hi
    i would like to buy yatzy but do you make it for tablets, i have samsung 12,2 tablet

    • Author

      There’s also a free version of MegaYatzy in the market. You can try this version first and if it fits your needs you can buy the paid version :) If you have any other question feel free to contact us again :)

      • Hej I did tryk tre frem, but tre plaid version des it fik to tablets

      • hi again sorry bad words, i tried the free version, the paid one does it support samsung tablet 12,2 in landskabe

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