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MegaFarkle HD is Tundems next generation dice game.

It features all new Android technologies, to provide the most simple and clean interface you’ve ever seen on a dice game.

Tired of straight forwarded dice games?

MegaFarkle is different. It allows you to play against hundreds of computers (if you like xD) or friends on the same device.

It doesn’t only support the original rules, it also support custom game types and other modes so it never gets boring.

This game is the perfect game for an evening or a quick round in the tram.

Our main functions:

– No player limit
– Global online highscore list (aka leaderboards powered by Swarm)
– Different game modes (Points, Rounds, Lead)
– Different variants of those game modes
– Custom game modes
– Shake your device to throw the dice
– Animations
– Simple and clean user interface
– Multilanguage (German, English)
– more to come 😉

Upcoming functions:

– Optimized Tablet layout
– Save and close a game while playing
– Multiplayer (online) support (needs some more time)


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