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  • 04 Mai 12

  • Penz Mike


This is the ((for now) inofficial) Android Client for the popular site http://alternativeto.net .

That service allows you to find and discover new software.
Do you want a new browser? But don’t you know a good alternative? Enter your current browsers name and search for alternatives!

Need new software? No idea what it does? Browse all the applications by user ratings, find most viewed apps and more.

The app and the service requires no registration, it’s free, and awesome!

Current functions:

– Discover apps by category
– Filter app-view by Recent/Likes/Views
– Search alternatives by appname
– Share app, Find alternatives from an found app
– Open app in browser
– …
– Lots of new features are in the work. Stay tuned!

Upcoming functions:

– Extended search
– More widgets
– …

The app itself contains all new ICS Design-Patterns:

– ActionBar
– Contextual ActionBar
– ViewPager
– ViewPager Indicator
– Pull-To-Refresh ListView
– Endless Scroll
– Asynch-WebImage Loader
– HOLO Design (ICS Ice Cream Sandwich Design)
– Search Dialog / Search Intent

If you find issues, a bug, or any typo you can always contact me via email office@tundem.com .
I’m also always happy about ideas, improvements, etc. Drop me a mail and i will write back as fast as possible. The Users voice is very very important!


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Find further details about this app here:

Google Play Store

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